Search engines drive traffic to your website and consequently have a direct bearing on your global success in an increasingly competitive online world deluged by billions of websites. SEO is a generic term covering diverse activities all carried out concurrently or in series with a single aim: to raise rankings in search results and drive meaningful traffic. The many arms of SEO are:
arrow On page SEO and off page SEO connected with website content and design and linked external activities.
arrow Social media optimization (SMO) that is the current buzzword given more weightage by Google
arrow PPC or pay per click services: apparently simple yet complex to get maximum ROIs
arrow Link building: a complex, intricate, time consuming task that helps you gain maximum exposure and display backlinks in a huge number of websites
arrow Web marketing, an umbrella term covering diverse finely tuned activities such as online promotions, email marketing, search engine marketing, mobile and display advertising
arrow Conversion analytics, vitally important to have data and statistics on results derived from landing pages, links, keywords and others to help fine-tune strategies
arrow Local listing services to help you gain prominence in your area of operation and generate local business
Each of the above is a discipline by itself, requiring years of hands on working experience backed by knowledge, intuition, predictive ability, understanding of a client’s line of business, understanding of his competitors and lots of other directly and indirectly connected factors. Each specialist works on his own and also collaborates with others handling a portfolio to map strategies and implement action plan for maximum returns in terms of labor and money.
There are different ways 1SEO IN implements the SEO services. In each case we understand a client’s priorities and are flexible in offering a matrix of SEO services implemented concurrently, in sequence or at intervals. 
arrow A minimum package where we carry out on page SEO, off page SEO and combine this with one or two of our other services
arrow A more flexible advanced package covering the above as well as directory listings, PPC, link building
arrow A comprehensive package including the basic as well as modular selection of one or more from the other packages, spread over a year’s duration with monthly payment for work done and statistics submitted on a regular basis.
The beauty of SEO is that you can go in for as much as you think is necessary or your budget allows. We are flexible and adaptable and recommend the best time frame vis-à-vis various SEO service implementations and a convenient, monthly payment option. This is the best for comprehensive long term, meaningful, guaranteed results our white hat SEO services deliver. As you continue payments and we continue efforts, you already start reaping fruits of your investments that can be far in excess of what you actually spend.